Posted by: learningwoman | June 19, 2008

Last-minute costume…

Last night S. mentioned casually, just in passing as it were, that there’s going to be a ‘Mini Beast’ assembly at school on Friday (that’s tomorrow!) and that they’ve all been invited to dress up as an insect or other small creature of some kind.




“How long have you known about this?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, days and days!” he said happily, dancing around the room.

So today, I bought some pairs of cheap black tights, stuffed them with newspaper and made them into a spider costume. S. is delighted, and I’m relieved.

Here’s a photo.. 🙂





  1. That’s fantastic. It’s made me want one, and I’m not even that keen on spiders! I’m not good at making costumes. I did make an elaborate Easter bonnet once for one of them. I was very proud of it. I believe someone sat on it. Thank goodness he didn’t want to be a centipede!

  2. That’s great. You should add this “how to” on Costumzee under spider-man! I am sure you’ll help out a lot of people this Halloween 🙂

  3. That is terrific!

  4. Hi Katy, I’m glad he didn’t want to be a centipede! The very thought…….

    Costumzee, thank you, I’ll look at your site.

    Thanks Fallenangel, he took it to school, smiling hugely. Another potential parental disaster averted. 🙂

  5. Wonderful! Very creative, and it certainly does not look done-at-the-last-minute!

  6. Thanks BTW 🙂

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