Posted by: learningwoman | January 25, 2011

Great tools

This morning we bought a new vacuum cleaner to replace our four year old Dyson, which, after having dealt valiantly with dog hair and the boots of a thousand children, had simply stopped working.

We had used it for the last time yesterday morning, while de-cluttering the lounge room and it had seemed fine but after sucking detritus from under chairs and rugs, it finally, pathetically, gave up the ghost.

So today we bought another one. Not an expensive all bells and whistles one but a cheap ‘oh well we’re moving to Australia and we only need something to tide us over’ one. A Zanussi something, on special from Tesco. It came in a million pieces and needed some assembly. (Okay, perhaps a million is an exaggeration but it seemed a lot)

The instructions were good though and between the two of us, we had a brand new, assembled vacuum cleaner in about 15 minutes. Since the lounge room is the only carpeted room downstairs, we started there and despite having done it the day before, the dust cup was filled in minutes and the carpet had changed colour, or at least had become noticeably lighter in shade. It was nothing short of amazing.

A. got very enthusiastic and proceeded to vacuum the house, with me going in front, lifting things and tidying to make way. I left him cleaning the filter while I went to have a shower and his voice floated up the stairs.

“Yes, I think Dave and I will get along just fine.”

“Who?” I called down, water rushing past my ears.

“Dave” he answered

“You’ve called the vacuum cleaner Dave?” I laughed

“Yep” he said, in a voice of satisfaction.

Our newest tool had proved its worth.

Which got me thinking. There’s something very satisfying about things that just work, that do what they’re supposed to do, when they’re supposed to, with no fuss or bother. This laptop for instance, the one I’m typing on. I’ve had it for a year and it’s done everything I’ve asked it to, it’s never crashed or complained, or lost pages of work. It just does what it’s supposed to. I began to list in my head all the things I own that share this happy quality…..the hair dryer I rarely use but which works beautifully when I need it to, my mobile phone, wonder of technology that it is….and so on. Right down to the dustpan and brush.

I don’t need or want tons and tons of stuff. I just want what we do  have to work beautifully. Efficiently

Which reminds me, I should call the oven repair bloke tomorrow……..


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