Posted by: learningwoman | November 27, 2010

Today my baby turned Five

One of my first posts was about Z. turning…3 I think.. Today he’s 5…how quickly those two years have gone.

No more snotty baby kisses pressed on my face as I sleep. He’s tall now and considered in his conversation. He has much to say (hardly surprising given his surroundings) and a generally pretty thoughtful way of saying it. Still affectionate but not in quite as abandoned a manner. More of him later.

S. is 10 now. It’s been an interesting time with him too.

I’m proud of my boys. Baffled, worried, excited, infuriated, amused, and helplessly loving them is part of what I’m feeling about being their mother right now.

and so it goes on….



  1. My beautiful daughter is 5 too. You are so right. They grow up so quickly.

  2. They do. I’m enjoying your blog very much, I’m glad you left a comment that led me to it. 🙂

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