Posted by: learningwoman | June 22, 2008

Finding an old friend

I’m full of possibility tonight. There’s a chance, just a slim one, that I might finally get to know what happened to a very old friend of mine.

He’s a boy I went to pre-school with when we were three years old and then knew until we were nineteen. Then he dropped off the face of the earth, at least as far as I was concerned.

I suppose I just assumed, as you do when you’re so young, that we’d see each other some time, but we didn’t and I’ve always been sorry.

I’ve looked on all sorts of websites, from people-searching ones to old news archives but I’ve found nothing. It’s like he just disappeared. I’ve asked people from our hometown and no-one knows.

I don’t know why he’s so important to me, unless it’s because we share so much childhood history.

He was self-destructive, from a dysfunctional family, drank too much in his teens and followed his older, larrikin brother around like a puppy. But he was startlingly intelligent and kind too.

I really just want to know what happened to him. Is he okay? He was on a downward path when last I saw him and over the years I’ve been worried about where he might have ended up.

So tonight, I was looking at FriendsReunited, for the first time in ages and there, in our pre-school list, was his brother’s name, complete with email address!

I’ve sent him a message, asking him about my friend and now I’m just waiting to see whether I get an answer and what it’ll be.

It’s been nearly twenty years.

I’ve imagined all sorts of things and it’ll be a relief just to know.


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