Posted by: learningwoman | October 16, 2008

TX4 56 Taxi recall and its impact on us.

A. has just rushed up to London, after getting the long awaited phone call to take his Black Cab in for its check.

They’ll have it for three days and then, hopefully, he’ll be able to work in it again.

For those who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about; More than three weeks ago, all TX4 56’s were taken off the road, recalled because of a fault that was causing fires under the bonnet of some of them.  Several of these cabs’ engines went up in quite impressive flames, so it was a sensible move.

In the last little while, around a thousand of these taxis, nationwide, have been taken off the road, leaving the drivers without any means of earning their living. We’d saved contingency money, so we’ve been okay but I did wonder how many were plunged into financial difficulty as a result of this recall.

Drivers have been renting other cabs, borrowing them from friends or simply having time off. A. has done a combination of these. He’s been remarkably philosophical about it but watching him rush out the door, smiling at the thought of once again being in control of his work, made me realise again how stressful this past few weeks has been for him.

Not a TX4 but you get the picture...

Not a TX4 but you get the picture...



  1. Poor you.
    That must have been tough for all of you.
    I’m glad it’s over now.

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