Posted by: learningwoman | July 16, 2008


Dear Local Spud-U-Like,

                                        After spending time in a busy mall at lunchtime, trying to find the things we’d come for and having forgotten to take the buggy out of the car, my two year old and I were tired and hungry.

I didn’t have a lot of time and didn’t want to stop in a cafe where I’d have to order and then wait. Neither did I want to go to MacDonalds and eat half my own weight in grease and salt. I saw your shop, selling simple baked potatoes and fillings, which you order at the counter and then take to one of your tables and decided that was the lunch for us.

There was a short line and I had opportunity to observe your dealings with other customers, most notably those with small children and the woman in front of me in her wheelchair. You were unfailingly friendly and respectful and one of you came out to carry the tray to the table when it became obvious that the woman with three kids wasn’t going to be able to do it alone.

When we got to the counter, you listened patiently while I made my order and then quickly and efficiently filled it, smiling all the time. We had a healthy and filling lunch and then walked to the other end of the mall before we discovered I’d left my son’s favourite toy on the tray. We walked back, my boy’s feet trailing slowly along.

When we got there, you were cleaning the tables and I asked you whether you’d seen the toy. A look of regret passed over your face and I thought you were going to say ‘no’ but instead, you asked us to sit down while you looked.

You came back five minutes later, having gone through the rubbish, found his toy and washed it thoroughly, before bringing it back to us, with a smile for my son as you handed it to him.

In a place where customer service is very low on the list of priorities, you shine.

Thank you.



  1. Man, you gotta love good customer service. Its so rare these days.

  2. It’s true, it is. Especially here where people aren’t trained for it.
    These guys were great.

  3. What a great employee! Such a lovely note. I hope you sent it to them!

  4. Thanks BTW, I sent them a version of it.

  5. I love Spud U Like. I wish there were more of them around. Hooray for you.

  6. […] and by the way, Spud-U-Like sent me a lovely letter, thanking me for letting them know about the service I’d received and […]

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