Posted by: learningwoman | July 12, 2008

A. wants to re-paint the bathroom…

Oh no! I know it’s a good idea but it makes me wince. I just know it’s going to involve trips to the hardware shop, frustration, swearing and other things that will make me want to leave home!

After the last redecorating saga, I’m wary.

Oh well, he’s on a roll now, there’s no stopping him. I’m going to take Z. shopping for food, just to get away from it.

We’ve got friends coming to stay. I’m looking forward to it, they’re great and I’ll finally get to meet their kids, who look lovely in the photos. The only downside is that they arrive three days before we fly out to Australia for a month….

As far as I can see, this is going to take some fairly rigorous organisation on my part, which is a shame because it really isn’t my forte. I can just about get us ready to go, with clean clothes, books and fun stuff for the long(!) plane trip and a car and hotel at the other end. My mind boggles though at the prospect of doing this while also cleaning and tidying our house to within an inch of its life before they get here and then again after our combined lot of kids has trashed it.

By the time I get onto the plane I’ll probably be a hysterical, teeth-chattering wreck.

A. is helpful and excellent but this is a hugely expensive trip, now that Z. has to pay for a seat on the plane, so he’s working as often as he can, in order that we can leave money in the bank to pay the mortgage, bills etc.. while we’re away. He will have overestimated what we need, which is good since it leaves us a buffer to work with but practically, it means he’s not here.

I keep telling myself that everything’s happening exactly the way it’s supposed to, even if I don’t feel it all the time. And actually, one of my best friends is coming and I get to go on a month-long holiday with my beautiful family!

There, that’s got it back into perspective. Isn’t writing grand? 🙂


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