Posted by: learningwoman | July 9, 2008

The best kind of TV

Yesterday, Z. saw some cartoon kids on TV making a ‘box TV’, which is basically a box with a large, square hole cut on either side, so you can see through it. Paint it, stick a couple of cardboard knobs on with split pins and you’ve got a fully functional toy for hours (and I do mean hours) of fun.

He got really excited, switched the TV off and asked if we could make one too. I like making things and A. had taken S. to a local football game, so I said sure.

We found an empty washing detergent box, shook the last, clinging grains from it, cut holes and began to paint. It was fun, although I had to take Z’s t-shirt off in the end. New shirt, black paint, you know.

Anyway, this is what happened when I went to put the box up to dry…………

Actually, I have to admit that some of this handiwork is mine. I came back to find that he’d painted his chest and arms and I couldn’t resist taking it just that step further. 🙂



  1. LOL I have been known to do the exact same thing. 🙂

  2. oh my. I have a time or two been sorry when I left the kids alone with paint even for a nanosecond.

    I like the box TV. I think we may have to do that one day this summer. Outside of course. I have almost no patience for crafty stuff so it’s best (for everyone) if it’s not in my house.

  3. LOL!

    Sounds like a very fun project. Now I wish my detergent didn’t come in a bottle.

  4. Hi princess, thanks for the visit 🙂

    Goodfountain, you could just cut the holes in the box and then get them to draw on pieces of paper which you could then stick onto the box. Less messy and just as much fun.

    Hi BTW, any sort of box works, as long as it’s big enough to see their face through. Or have I just scared you off with my painted baby? 🙂

  5. Excellent! Tilly used to do this all the time and I have many pictures of her, my favourite of which was when she painted herself all over with purple wrist watches so she could tell the time whenever she wanted!

  6. What a great idea Katy, I think I could do with a few of those purple watches too! 🙂

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