Posted by: learningwoman | July 8, 2008

more random stuff

I’ve been re-reading The Artist’s Way. It’s such a good book.

I had other things to say but the morning has somehow advanced and now I have to go and buy S. some underpants so that he doesn’t need to get around the place complaining about how his pants are too small for him.. 🙂

Oh, and I got him in trouble last night, I was irritable and he told me he needed to hand a project in about Canada…….today! He was adamant it needed to be done for today but it was already 8pm and I wanted him to get into bed. I spoke to him sternly and a bit accusingly.

He did the project, pretty well actually, but it was 10pm by then.

Then, this morning, I found a note from the teacher, buried under a magazine on the kitchen table, telling me all about it, dated a week ago! I had to go and apologise to S.

Poor bloke.

Right, and now to the shops.



  1. In between houses I once went to stay with my mother for three weeks while something was being rewired somewhere. She did a lot of laundry, which was great and meant I didn’t have to. One day shortly afterwards she came home from school very depressed saying that her pants were killing her and that she was sure she hadn’t put on that much weight. Turned out they were mine! She hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything all day. Small pants are a curse 🙂

  2. They surely are, along with too-small jeans and bras! People have been known to get very irritable…… 🙂

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