Posted by: learningwoman | July 7, 2008


My Pc is infected with a particularly hideous new virus. It downloads itself, disguised as media enhancement, if you’re trying to listen to music or watch a film clip, and then embeds many, many pieces of malware/spyware in the hard drive. Then, whenever you turn on the computer, it threatens you with complete destruction of files and warns of other spyware, trying to get in.

It looks like a piece of security software. Its purpose is to scare you into buying the full version which will then miraculously get rid of all the warnings/threats etc.

It doesn’t remove them because they were never there to start with. It falsely names normal programs as threats. Paying for the program won’t protect your PC from attack by anyone else but the program that caused the problem in the first place.

Oh Honestly! What a mean-minded piece of software!

I’m trying to download a program which has been recommended as a way of weeding it out, cleaning my computer. Until then, I’m running sooo slow.

I’ll let you know if it works……

Later…..much later…..

It worked, it worked, it worked! Yay! Woooo! I’m free, free I tell you! 🙂

PS: Here’s where to go to get the download (SmitFraudFix) which will miraculously get rid of it for you. It’s free and quick and it works!

Good luck! 🙂



  1. I honestly had this same popup alert and found out somehow AntiSpyCheck installed on my computer. Funny because i was able to remove it with this tool smitfraudfix. Booted in safe mode and then ran the tool and it removed the files for Antispycheck because I no longer get the popup. I found a google search and followed that guide. It actually worked. Are you correct in the article that this is a mean-minded peice of software!

  2. Hi Lea, yes that’s the how I did it too. It felt great to get rid of it!

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