Posted by: learningwoman | July 6, 2008


A. is out with S. and I sit at the computer, tapping away with my leg wrapped in an elastic tube.

Yesterday, after S. had pointed out that I hardly ever run with him anymore, we started having races from the deck to the trampoline at the bottom of the garden. It was nice really. I’ve become the sort of mother lately, who sits and watches as the kids play. It was nice to be part of the action again.

Anyway, there we were, running down the lawn, leaping on the trampoline and then jumping a bit before saying “One, two, three” and racing for the deck again.

About the eighth time, I vaulted past the springs and hit the floor running. I’d won a couple of times and it was getting competitive. He’s seven, sporty, runs all day, fast, so I was pretty surprised to have won at all.

I made it about halfway up the garden, when I felt something ‘POP’ and suddenly, I was on the ground, writhing and sobbing in pain and panic. I’d never felt anything like that pop before. S. was great. He picked up my glasses from the grass, held my hand and then, when I was ready, he helped me up to a chair and got me a glass of water. Then he rang A. Without me asking him to, he just did it.

It was difficult to talk on the phone, through the pain of my still throbbing leg and A. asked me whether I wanted him to come home. I said no. I knew he’d do it if I asked him to but I also knew he’d then fret, silently, about not having made enough money that day. I suggested we give it half an hour and then think about it again. Then I rang my Mum. She was great too. She asked me questions about where the pain was and offered to make the two-hour drive if I thought that would be helpful.

I’m so thankful for and so proud of my family. They’re such good people. Even Grandad came around, to give me a loan of Nanny’s (A’s Mum, who died three years ago.) walking stick.

So I said the same thing to Mum and she warned me not to walk around and said she’d ring later.

S. picked up the toys in the loungeroom, helped me to the couch and offered to do their bath… I was so touched. I didn’t let him do it, I knew I’d have trouble getting up the stairs quickly enough if something happened. But still, it was nice of him.

I rang for takeaway delivery, gave S. the money to pay when the man came, which he put by the door. He got plates and then took Z. outside to play, until there was a knock on the door and then he ran back in, paid the man, brought Z. in, washed their hands and came into the lounge to eat with me.

I couldn’t get up the stairs yet, so I let them both stay up. S. went to sleep at about eleven but Z. stayed up, chatting, showing me things, until twelve-fifteen, when he stood up and said; “I have to go to bed in my own bed now.” I looked at him, hugged him up. “I can’t take you up yet, we have to wait for Daddy. He’ll be home soon.”

But no, he wanted to go. He kissed me goodnight and walked up the stairs. By the time I’d caught up, he was in his cot, snuggled down and waiting for me to put the cover on him. He’s so yummy. Poor little thing, he was exhausted.

Today, my leg feels much better and at least we’ve established that it’s probably just a torn calf muscle. Yay!

A. let me sleep in and he’s taken the boys out for most of the day, which is lovely of him.

So here I sit, at the pc with my leg in a bendy, tubey thing. 🙂




  1. I was afraid they had talked you on to the skateboard. 😉 Hope you are feeling better. I have always heard soaking in a bath of epsom salts will help with any pain and swelling.

  2. OW! Poor you. hypericum is a great homeopathic remedy for healing torn things I think. Arnica helps with bruising and swelling. Poor you.

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