Posted by: learningwoman | July 5, 2008

My husband is Santa Claus

Not literally of course. He’d have to be much plumper and have a lot more facial hair. He just thinks he’s Santa, or seems to.

Lately, he’s been on a bit of a buying jag, for the boys. So far, in the last few of weeks, he’s bought a cricket set, a scooter, new shoes, footballs, and the latest offering, a skateboard.

He asked me about the skateboard, just before he went into town yesterday. Z’s been asking for one for ages. I said I didn’t think he needed more stuff at the moment and that possibly, giving a two-year-old every single thing he asked for wasn’t such a good idea. And off he went.

Two hours later, he came home, having done all the necessary stuff and carrying a huge plastic bag. He looked a bit sheepish but excited too.

“Look at this C! It was on special, I think Z’ll love it!” Out of the bag he slid a long black and green skateboard. Sigh.

He works hard, he’s responsible with money, much more than me and he often defers to me with regard to the kids but he’s the Dad and sometimes he wants to break out. I understand and I don’t choose to be permanently in the role of wet blanket.

I’m not sure the enormous skateboard was such a hot idea though. So that S. didn’t feel left out, A. decided that it could be for both of them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the sort of thing designed to cause the maximum arguments between them. All yesterday afternoon and some of this morning, I’ve been refereeing and the whingey voices and shouts are beginning to grate.

I’m thinking of going out this morning and leaving A. to deal with it all. 🙂



  1. Tilly has been wanting a skateboard now for years. She is so clumsy we are quite nervous about it. We talk it through every christmas and birthday and then decide against it for another year. If you ‘accidentally’ need to lose yours you can always post it to me and I can test Tilly on it for a while 🙂

  2. Well, A’s taken them both out yesterday, this morning and now, as I write this, so I don’t think it’ll be wrested from their grasp anytime soon.
    Thanks for the solution though. 🙂

  3. I’m quite pleased really! I’d love her to have one and I have looked at them time and time again, but she is just so forgetful about the fact that she’s on wheels she would be a menace! When she first had her bike she was so busy singing a song about how great it was to have a bike she cycled into a rock and smashed the pedal, bless her!

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