Posted by: learningwoman | July 4, 2008

Not one of my best mothering moments

This morning, fuddled from sleep and making my way stolidly to the kettle and the making of packed lunches, S. called me.

“Mummy! Where’s my school shirt? I can’t find it anywhere!”

Me “Have you looked in your cupboard?”


“Well why don’t you start there? putting coffee into the plunger.

“It isn’t there!” Higher pitched, more panicky

” Have you looked on the stairs in the pile of clean clothes?” milk into my cup

“No, it isn’t there!”

“How do you know?”

“It just isn’t! Can you come and help?”

And so it went on, until he shouted trimphantly as I was stowing his lunch in his bag.

“I’ve found it!”

“Where was it?” I shouted back

“On the radiator, with all my school clothes!”

A. to the rescue again. Yay! All was well, until I discovered that A. had also given S. a packet of Canadian money to take to school for show-and-tell and that S. had left it lying around on the floor. We immediately argued about where it should be put for maximum safety. He said in his hand (huh!) and I said in his bag. There was shouting. It went into his bag.

Finally we were all ready and heading for the car. The kids got into their seats, belts on and I thumped into mine, and felt something strange on the seat. I got up to investigate and discovered that I’d ripped my pants (trousers) completely open. Arrrggghhh!

So I had to drop him off at the gate, which I wouldn’t usually do. He walked across the courtyard, laden with stuff, bags hanging from his arms, purposeful and so grown up. I wanted to pick him up and hug him.

Now we’re home and Z. is grumpy and I need to go and change these stupid trousers.

Oh, and I’m out of coffee……dammit.



  1. Poor you. Must be the morning for chaos. Got half way home with Oscar this morning before realising he was actually meant to be in nursery and had to go back. Then got a blister because my comfy sandals were full of water due to yesterday’s rain and them not being dry yet, and second best sandals having to be worn.

  2. Meh, a bad mother would’ve sent her kid to school naked and penniless. You’re doing just fine. 😉

    I hate those mornings, though, when things just feel off-kilter. No huge blowups, just… not quite right. I hope it fades quickly!

  3. Hi Katy,
    Poor you too! 🙂
    Later in the day, I forgot S. had a school disco so had to rush home to get him changed in time. Then, when I went to collect him, I forgot to collect his friend too and almost left before I remembered! Talk about chaos!

  4. Hi Kate, it was a bit off-kilter but today seems much more centred. Oh, and A’s at home for part of the time, so I’ve got back-up! 🙂

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