Posted by: learningwoman | June 28, 2008


I’ve taken to carrying small bottles of bubble mixture, complete with wands, around in my handbag. The minute either of the kids starts to whinge, I pull them out, hand them over and for the next ten minutes, all I hear is the sound of laughter and bubbles.

Of course, you need to be outside at the time and not in Marks and Spencer, or a restaurant or something. It gets messy……..



  1. I love bubbles so much I created an art car/truck just for them
    What is the magic in bubbles?

  2. Brilliant.

    My 19 month old is very possessive of bubbles though and bubble wands. They are hers and all hers and watch out (!!) if anyone dares try to touch a wand. I fear it would create bigger problems if I were to whip those out in public. 🙂

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