Posted by: learningwoman | June 18, 2008

Cordial making

Oh yes, I’ve been making cordial. Gallons of the stuff. Who knows what I’ll do with it all but it’s such good fun to make! It’s been a bit of a saga actually and there’s a story and pictures coming, hopefully tomorrow.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet here. The hayfever’s cleared, with some help from Beconase spray and various other remedies, so I’ve been getting some sleep and my wraithing days  are behind me. Phew!

Z. is scrumptious and I’m loving having time in the day to just be with him and play, or go to playgroup, or talk. He’s taken to pretending to be a kitten lately. Every now and then, and without warning, he looks up at me, kisses whichever part of me is closest (face, arm, leg) and says in a little voice; “Miaow”

It loses something in the translation but it’s so very cute. Love that boy.




  1. First, what is cordial?

    Second, Chee has been pretending to be a dog lately. Must be something in the air.

    I’m not sure I know how old your two boys are. Can you refresh my memory?

  2. Hi Goodfountain 🙂 My boys are seven (S) and two (Z)

  3. Oh, and cordial is a syrup that you dilute with water to make a drink. 🙂

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