Posted by: learningwoman | June 9, 2008

Monday morning 6am

It’s early and once again, I am up an hour before my children. Bloody hayfever. I feel like a wraith, trailing through my house late at night and then again, early in the day, dripping and sneezing and gathering tissues about me in an ever increasing white mass.

I’m averaging about five hours sleep a night and surprisingly, I seem to be doing okay on it. Of course, it’s possible that I’m actually slurring and swaying wildly but I haven’t noticed anyone stepping cautiously away from me yet.

I’ve just come from the bathroom, where the mirror confirmed what I already knew. This is not the most attractive time in my history. My eyes are pink-rimmed, squeezed half closed and watering slightly. My face is puffy, shapeless and my nose is red from frequent blowings, not to mention blocked, so that I snore when I’m asleep and sniff while awake. Bleugh.

In the scheme of things it isn’t really important. Annoying yes but temporary and not dangerous. Just something to be endured for a couple of months. I’m taking anti-histamines which help a little, not much but if this is the worst of my problems then I’m doing just fine.

In other news; my favourite cousin, whom I haven’t seen for nine years is in England, after travelling the world and taking beautiful and moving photographs of endangered animals. He’s just had an exhibition in Australia and now he’s over here, staying with a girl he met on his travels.

So he’s coming to visit. This week.

I can’t wait to see him and for my family to meet him. In a burst of pure vanity though, I could wish that I didn’t have a Pilsbury Doughboy-looking face……… 🙂



  1. Hope the visit goes well. Have you tried the homeopathic remedies Apis Mel and Mixed Pollens? You can get them from Ainsworths. They’re based in London and also have a website and mail order service. Will usually get things to you within 48 hours. I expect you’ve tried them, but if not, they might help.
    Much sympathy

  2. Thanks Katy, I haven’t tried them but I will now! 🙂

  3. […] help from Beconase spray and various other remedies, so I’ve been getting some sleep and my wraithing days  are behind me. […]

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