Posted by: learningwoman | May 30, 2008

Addicted to facebook

It’s true. I am hopelessly and (hopefully temporarily), addicted to facebook. I’ve found friends I haven’t seen for years, seen pictures of their families, made contact with people I thought I’d never see again, played online scrabble. Oh the joys to be had from Facebook! 🙂

In other news, S. has been on holiday from school this week. It’s been fun and lovely to have him here. He and Z. have been loving being together, although they’ve done a fair amount of shrieking and retaliating to perceived slights and threats, which is a bit wearing.

Mum has been visiting for the past three days and that’s nice too.

I seem to have misplaced my new passport, even though I put it somewhere very safe the minute it came through the door. I am currently turning the house upside down in the attempt to find it.

S. has done three days of football this week, with the holiday football people and he’s loved every minute of it. The only problem is that he never wins a prize. They give out prizes at the end of each day for the kids who’ve improved the most, or played really well or have been good team-mates.

Every day I pick him up, ask him how his day went and then, later, deal with his disappointment. I’ve tried explaining that not getting a prize shouldn’t matter if he loves to play the game, that there are lots of kids and few prizes, that we know he’s fabulous. But although he lifts his little chin bravely, he still feels unacknowledged. 

He’s been going on and off to this football thing for nearly two years and yesterday, I decided to speak to the guy in charge. I asked him whether there’s anything S. could do to improve his chances of winning one of these prizes. Should he concentrate more, or try harder to be a better team player or something? I wasn’t asking him to give S. one, just asking if there was something he could do to better his chances.

No, he said. S. is a good, solid player, great with his team-mates, always one of the first to be picked, concentrates well, is respectful, fun and works well within the team.

Well, that sounds like high praise to me. So why is it that one of S’s friends from school, who has gone twice to this football thing, today won one of these coveted bloody, bloody prizes?

For a minute there I was furious.

He’s my boy, I want him to feel encouraged, not sidelined.

I know I sound like a competitive mother but really I’m not. I just don’t want someone’s thoughtlessness to have a lasting and unnecessary effect on a small but excellent person.


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