Posted by: learningwoman | May 25, 2008


There I was, tripping along, writing anonymously, when my friend invited me to join Facebook and, Whoosh! I’m suddenly feeling as though I’m in a nightclub and the lights have come up.

I’m new to it, so I don’t know just how it works yet but to register, I was asked to answer quite a lot of questions about my age, whereabouts, full name, schools etc.. Then, when I started to look around, I saw that my friends have put what looks like ALL their personal information on their Facebook page; Relationship status, kid’s names and ages, what they drive, favourite restaurants, where they live, where they work.

Add to that the fact that I can view their friends’ lists, where they’ve been hanging out online and the conversations they’ve been having and I’m in information overload.

Forget Big Brother, these guys are giving it all up voluntarily. Maybe it’s just that I’ve become acclimatised to the gentler pace of this blog but it was a bit of a shocker, just how much info people are willing to give, to be viewed by the world.

Having said that, I’m enjoying being able to contact friends I haven’t seen for years, some of them since we left school more than twenty years ago. It’s been nice to see what people have been up to, whether they’ve had kids, what sort of life they grew into.

I’ve been contacted by a girl I lived next door to when we were ten years old and by a boy I went out with when we were teenagers. My brothers and sister are both members, which I didn’t know. It was lovely to see their photos and get their messages. Especially my youngest brother who has just moved to Japan with his girlfriend.

On balance, I like Facebook. After all, you can put as little or as much information on it as you like. It’ll take me a minute to get used to it though…



  1. I find Facebook a bit unnerving, I am on it as my real self, but I don’t link my blog from it. I have maybe two photos on it, visible to only my friends and the bare minimum of personal info. Yet I love reading all my old friends pages, I get a lot more from facebook that I give, naughty me 🙂

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