Posted by: learningwoman | May 9, 2008


Jupiter’s in retrograde, it said so in the astrology email sent to my inbox. 🙂

Apparently this means that this next little while is a time for reflection, contemplation, finishing tasks left undone (!), and generally regrouping. Well that sounds good to me.

I have a bit of a habit of starting projects enthusiastically, running with them and then forgetting I’d ever thought about them and moving on to the next thing that excites me. It means that I have quite a few projects left undone and maybe, now that I’ve been reminded, I’ll wrap some of them up.


I found a poem I wrote years ago, after having lunch with my best friend at a cafe;

‘We sit and talk
Our conversation twists a roller coaster
around our coffee, wine, foccaccia.
This woman, whose life is so different from my own,
is my friend.
We see each other through eyes grown accustomed by years,
to the shape of the others’ soul.’

It reminds me of her. When I read it, I was there, at the outside table in the cafe in my hometown, with her. It made me smile.

It’s so beautiful here at the moment. Summer is in full bloom suddenly. The sun is shining like crazy and people are unfurling, becoming more smiley, more relaxed. I love watching it, being part of it. I feel it myself, a great thaw after the winter months.



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