Posted by: learningwoman | May 8, 2008

How are you today?

After the best sleep I’ve had in ages, I’m feeling pretty great. Yay!

I’ve got a singing lesson this morning, followed by a visit to the gym and then some planting. Feeling very ‘earth mothery’ today. I’m raring to get the sweet peas planted out into the huge pot on the deck. I’ll have to empty it and get the weedy soil out first though.. Oh well, it’s a small challenge.

Then the tomato plants that I couldn’t find the energy to care about yesterday.

The kids and I have set up a little group of grow bags next to the back door. I thought about giving them a little plot of land for a vegetable garden but at the rate they play football out there, it wouldn’t last long and this way the veg will be immediately accessible and easy to remember to water too.

The sun’s shining again. It feels like a proper summer. We’re all in shorts and t-shirts! Woo hoo!

Some little birds have set up a nest under the eaves of our house. I can hear them chirping to each other. No doubt some important nest building information is being passed back and forth.

Z. woke up very grumpy this morning. He’s had enough sleep, I wonder what the problem is? Maybe after a morning at Grandad’s house with A, watering the plants and playing in the garden, he’ll feel more the thing. Here’s hoping. 🙂

S. has gone off to school with a smile and a spring in his step, telling me to “Make a great day Mummy!” and “Collect smiles.” I’m certainly in the mood to do both.

How’s your day going?


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