Posted by: learningwoman | May 2, 2008

Many small achievements

I feel ridiculously achieved today and it’s only lunchtime! 🙂

I haven’t done anything earth shattering. Got up, made breakfast, put some washing on, folded some clothes, made S’s packed lunch, got the uniform out and drove to school. Then to the shop to buy a present for S’s friend, who’s having a birthday party tomorrow. Bought some playdough to replace the dried-up, gummy stuff in the cupboard and some new, red Wellington boots for Z.

Then we went to the park, singing made-up songs about the shiny new boots on the way, to make Z. laugh. We spent a happy hour on the swings, slide, roundabout and making up imagination games about hiding from dinosaurs and taking trips in the toy train, to the moon, enormous castles, the beach etc.. It was very fun and very interesting to watch him being so captivated by the stories we were making up and the adventures we were having.

He has a cold today, my littlest boy. Not a huddle-under-the-duvet-and-watch-TV kind of cold, just a streaming-at-the-nose-and-coughing sort of cold. Funny little thing. He asks me for a tissue and then carefully wipes his nose before handing it back to me, unaware that he’s just smeared snot across his face and up to his eyebrow.

When we got home, I gave him a bowl of cold red grapes and a drink and we played with the fresh playdough. No rollers or special equipment, just the playdough and a dollop of imagination. I did look for the roller etc.. but it’s obviously hiding at the back of a cupboard somewhere, too shy to come out.

We made spiders and cats and snails and snakes and a little boy sitting on a chair.

He loves to talk with them. He has whole, earnest conversations, with me playing the part of whichever creature takes his fancy. It delights him. He gets right down and talks into their ‘faces’, telling them stories and news of the day. He has such a soft little face and when he smiles, my heart seems to smile in reply.

Mornings like this one are priceless, full of joy and wonder. 

Now he’s gone happily to bed and has fallen asleep almost immediately, after a little wind-down chatting to himself.

My achievements today were small in practical terms but enormous in  the ways that matter to me. In terms of mothering, this day is pretty perfect. 🙂



  1. These are the days worth remembering, to balance out the days when we hope no one is following us around with a hidden camera…

  2. LOL
    All too true Kate 🙂

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