Posted by: learningwoman | May 1, 2008

Hot lotion and red skin

I thought I’d go and have an eyebrow shape at the salon around the corner. I don’t get to salons, hairdressers etc. very often, they don’t seem to make it to the top of my priorities list, but A. had taken Z. to Grandad’s for the morning and my class finished early, so I had a bit of unexpected time on my hands.

Did I use the time to catch up on coursework? Or battle my way through the pile of dirty washing generated by the boys playing football in the mud?

No. I used it to go to a salon and have my eyebrows shaped. Frivolous but fun. While I was there, a woman came in to book a spray tan and various other interesting stuff. She was very serious about it all. Maybe she was going on holiday? Anyway, I got to thinking how cold and rainy it’s been lately and how it might be nice to have a light tan, so I booked a sunbed for later in the morning and looked forward to some warmth and relaxation.

I know it isn’t good for your skin but once every blue moon can’t do that much damage, can it?

I bought some lotion that the lady at the counter recommended.

“It might tingle a bit.” She warned, as I walked out the door. I went home, showered, exfoliated, shaved my legs and slathered on the lotion. By the time I’d got into my clothes my skin was very warm. By the time I got into the car, it felt as though I was being attacked by many millions of tiny fire ants! My skin was bright red and although the day was cold, I could easily have walked around outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt without ever feeling the chill.

I panted through the door of the salon and addressed the woman.

“You weren’t kidding! This isn’t exactly what I was expecting! Is this supposed to happen?”

I gestured at my ‘just-got-out-of-the-sauna’ red face.

“Oh yes, your skin does tend to go a bit red with this lotion.” She said calmly, the mistress of understatement. “You can take it off if you like but it stimulates the blood vessels under the skin and really enhances the tanning process.”

I didn’t wash it off. I went in and had the sunbed, buzzing all the while but I won’t be doing THAT again! 🙂



  1. At the risk of being the crude & rude American, my mind immediately goes to when I used to tan at the salon and would do it so I had no tan lines and my deviant mind immediately was relieved we never had that kind of lotion back then because it would have been quite the shock to my fanny. (using both the American & British use of the word) Ouch!

    I did so love to lay in the bed though – it was so lovely to bask in the warmth – like taking a 20 minute soak. Much better use of your time than laundry or course work, truly!

  2. LOL 🙂
    I like the warmth and peace of the sunbed too, although I prefer the beach, given a choice…..

  3. I’m glad you blogged about this, I just had the same experience and I was actually wondering if I was having a reaction and would end up in the hospital later on tonight. LOL First thing I did when I got home was google ‘hot lotion’ to see if this was normal.

    I bought some lotion at the salon, but I clearly remember telling the girl I just wanted some basic plain stuff, none of that exotic mix that makes your skin tingle…. She throws me out bottle and says, “I LOVE hot lotions.” I didn’t realize that – indeed -the hot lotions are the exact lotion I was trying to avoid. I bought it. Tingle? Try a nice fried feeling! Like mopping yourself down with jalapeno juice!!

    I’ve just experienced hot lotion. Wow. My face swelled up and everything. I was going to go to the store after I tanned, but I looked like someone just socked me in the nose. I’m bright red and on fire! I can deal with that tonight, as long as I know I didn’t just give myself a massive sunburn. Guess we’ll see. *eek*

    Thanks for blogging about it. I feel much better now, except on the outside. LOL

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