Posted by: learningwoman | April 17, 2008

Our House

This is a nice house, the one we live in. As houses in this area go, it is relatively spacious and set sideways on the plot, so that the area of garden is larger than it might otherwise be. I still crave the space that I experienced when I was growing up but for this part of England, so close to London, it’s not bad at all.

We tore down the embossed wallpaper, mismatched carpeting and a few walls when we moved in and replaced them with wooden floorboards, cream walls, clean lines and some open plan living. You get the idea.

S. was little when we moved in and his toys were small and cute…… now we have two who are not so small and their toys are many and overflowing.

Now, with A’s determination to redecorate the spare room….during the school holidays(!), everything is everywhere! The filing cabinet is in the hall, along with the bookcase, there are paint trays on the landing, tarpaulins, baskets of shoes, scrapers, dressers, and goodness knows what else. I have trouble getting into the wardrobes to put clean clothes away and I seem constantly to be stopping Z. from getting into everything.

This is temporary and A. is working hard to get it done as quickly as possible but in the meantime…. Whew! What a mess!

We looked around today and felt overwhelmed for a minute. We’ll get it done, there’s no doubt. By this time next week, our home will be gleaming and tidy again, with a new spare room. Excess clothes, toys and shoes will have been taken to the charity shops or to the dump, depending on their condition. (I would have put them on Ebay but for the credit card stuff in Feb. Now I don’t feel so confident about that and I don’t have the energy to spare for a garage or boot sale) And the multitude of stuffed animals that well-wishers gave the boys when they were babies, will have been packed up and moved on, except for the special ones that they love.

In the meantime, we work around it and when we have the time, through it. What would be great is if we were doing this while S. was at school……… 🙂


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