Posted by: learningwoman | April 15, 2008

Weigh in, Week 10

So after three weeks of what I can only term binge eating and putting on five pounds of the thirteen I’d previously lost, I’m back on track. Yay!

I went to Slimming World this morning, after having missed last week because I knew I’d put on at least a pound and a half and didn’t want to face it. This week, I lost all the weight I’d put back on, plus an extra half a pound, bringing my weight loss to one stone (14 pounds) so far. Whew.

Okay, only a few stone to go before I feel happy with my weight then……. 🙂

I’ve got three and a half months to go before we go on holiday to Australia. I’m still working towards the three stone loss I’ve been talking about but the time is growing short, so I have to be serious now and see what I can do.

Hey Ho, at least I’m going in the right direction now.



  1. Hi,

    check out this website for some good recipes that may help with motivation:

  2. Thanks Susan 🙂

  3. I would love to chat to you, I have been going for 3 weeks, not going this week as have had 3 days of crap and feel so bad, mainly alcohol and carp food as I went to a festival and had such a good time!! The trouble is when i get merry i lose all control, so on sunday all hungover ate big bag of maltesers and much comfort food!! so Iam sure I have put back on the 10.5 pounds lost, I must do really well for the next 9 days till next weigh in and sort it out!!

  4. Hi, I’ve just started my own blog about my personal weight loss goals. I just wanted to say WELL DONE!!! I know to a lot of people maintaining a low weight is easy, but I am NOT one of them. Keep at it – the end is in sight 🙂

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