Posted by: learningwoman | April 13, 2008

Weight progress ‘n stuff

Well, after a few shaky weeks on the weight-loss front, I appear to have made something of a comeback. Whew. 🙂

I’ll know just how much of one when I go back to Slimming World on Tuesday but I’m feeling pretty good about it all at this stage. We’ve been doing a ‘detox’ this week. The inverted commas are because I haven’t given up my morning coffee, nor do I intend to, no matter how good it would be for me. That coffee is a small but significant pleasure.

The boys are on holiday this week and next. What fun! 🙂 Actually, for the most part, it IS fun, with a few moments of drama when they wind each other up, or run screaming through the house leaving chaos in their wake. Just the normal stuff then…

S. is spending three full days of each week at a football (soccer) camp, at his request. He loves it and comes home reluctantly, only to charge through to the back garden and start playing again, enlisting Z’s help as goalkeeper.

I bought them superhero costumes the other day and Z. has been wearing his non-stop, (except for baths) even sleeping in it, until, after a couple of nights, I insisted he wear his normal, cotton pyjamas. His GameBoy forgotten now, the ‘Sporticus’ costume is his latest obsession.

He’s just delicious. He stands, hands on hips, like his hero, poised to leap into action. “I a superhero Mummy.” he says “I rescue you”  When I imitate his stance, he tells me gravely that I can’t do that because I’m not “ackshlly” a superhero, and points out as evidence that I have no costume, his earnest expression at odds with his cherubic countenance.

Just to see what would happen, I tried on one of S’s old Superman capes and he nodded with satisfaction, accepting me immediately into the club.

S. has a new Spiderman costume, having given up wearing any for about two years. He’s fired with renewed enthusiasm by Z’s dressing up. They tear about the place having adventures, setting up stuffed animals to be rescued and then rescuing them with spectactular moves and a lot (A LOT!) of noise.

The balance of rain versus sun is slowly changing here, in favour of sunnier days and thank goodness for it! We’ve been able to go to the park much more often, which I’m sure has saved my sanity more than once. These smallish, warren-like, suburban English houses are not made to be leapt about in for any length of time……  

In other news, A. has decided to decorate the spare room. His friend is coming to stay at the end of the month………..for one night! 🙂 He and his wife and new baby will arrive at eleven o’clock at night and leave the next morning to go to a surprise party. They’ll be here a total of about ten hours. Hmmm. For this visit, the spare room, which in my humble opinion, was perfectly nice to begin with, has to have the wall paper stripped and be repainted.

Unfortunately, A. used a steam stripper to get the wallpaper off and somehow took the upper layer of plaster off as well, so now the walls have to be replastered too. This has become an exercise expensive not just in money but in time and effort too. It’s a good thing, A. insists. I have old friends coming at the end of July, on their way back to Australia and now they’ll have a freshly redecorated room to sleep in.

I didn’t point out that all of these people will probably have to use the kids’ room, which is much bigger (relatively) than the spare room, which was used as a nursery. Why spoil his fun? Actually, if the frustrated swearing floating down the stairs is anything to go by, I’m not sure he’s having a whole lot of fun……..

Oh well, I’ll be glad when it’s finished and we can move the bed, the bookcase and the filing cabinet out of the hallway…

Since I last wrote, I’ve done a short Reiki course, which was interesting. I’m still processing it. Not sure what I think about it yet.

I think I’m done. I’m sure there’s more but maybe I’ll just try to go back to regular, shorter posts rather than wait for weeks and then cram everything in at once. Anyway, I’ll be back on Tuesday, with an update on the weight-thing.



  1. you’re headed in the right direction …

    take courage!

  2. Thanks Wanderer7. All offers of encouragement gratefully received 🙂

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