Posted by: learningwoman | March 28, 2008

Z. and the art of cake making

While shopping for fruit yesterday afternoon, Z. spied a ‘Dora the Explorer’ cake packet on the shelf. He was so excited and there was much pointing of his little fingers and scrambling to get out of the trolley to leap at the packet.

By the time we got home with it he, clutching the box in his hands and babbling non-stop, was nearly beside himself with the excitement of it. He wanted to make them immediately but it was dinner, bath and bedtime, before I was due to do a reflexology treatment, so he had to wait until today. He wasn’t happy about it but I managed to distract him with a favourite book.

This morning, he made a beeline for the wretched thing and started the chant; ‘We make Dora cakes Mummy? Meeeese?’ over and over again until S. had gone to school and I could clear the table in readiness.

They’re really easy to make and quick too, which is a big plus for Z, since, at two, he isn’t really into delayed gratification. Mix into the bowl with an egg and some cold water, paper cases into the muffin tray, some mixing and then into the oven. Lots of mix on his hands and face and satisfied crooning as he licked the spoon.

10 minutes in the oven, out to cool, icing made and coloured, then spooned over the cakes. Stars sprinkled on top and ‘ta dah!’ cakes! Wooo!

I like cooking from scratch but there’s something undeniably lovely about making something so easy, that brings my baby such joy.

And now he’s happy, playing a game with A. while I procrastinate here so I don’t have to face the piles of work I let build up while I was feeling so unmotivated………. 🙂



  1. I can totally relate that it is undeniably lovely to take the time to do something simple and see such joy on the faces of our children. I love it!

    I also wanted to thank you for adding me to your blogroll and leaving me a comment. I’ve enjoyed reading a sample of your blog entries. You have a way with words that keeps me reading. Now off to do the work that I let build up while I was reading your blog!

  2. Hi Julie, I just rescued this comment from my spam file, where it had somehow got lost. Whew!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the compliment.
    I love, love, love your photographs, I was glad to add you to my blogroll so I can check back now and then to see any new ones you post.

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