Posted by: learningwoman | March 23, 2008

Chocolate explosion

7:30am, excitement, baskets full of easter eggs, carefully balancing them down the stairs, sitting in the loungeroom, unwrapping, eating, chocolate all over the couch, smeared across faces, melted onto hands, munching, munching, sounds of contentment and then…..

Madness! Running, climbing, shouting, jumping. Snowing outside, no outlet that way. Inside, noise, hyperactive, bouncing, yelling, maniacal laughter ringing throughout the house. Wrestling, cushion throwing, rolling around.

Getting dressed, putting the meat on to cook, taking S. to the movies to see The Spiderwick Chronicles, Z. to bed, temporary silence for A……….

Back home, Z. out of bed, more chocolate, more craziness, dinner, football on the TV, complaints, crying, long faces, whinging. Games, baths, splashing wildly, shouting, gutteral roars, calming, calming, lying on the bed, reading, snuggling, calming, bed again for Z. One more game for S. and then into bed for him too.

Tidying the house, putting the dishwasher on, food in the fridge, cushions off the floor, toys in the basket, cupboard, boxes. Sitting shell shocked together on the couch. Sighs of relief, deep breaths, relaxing, shoulders dropping, fatigue setting in. Hugs, TV, talking. Time for sleep. Ahhhhh. 🙂

Sound familiar?


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