Posted by: learningwoman | March 15, 2008

Exciting news

Well, for me anyway 🙂

I sang my final song tonight, an aria from the opera, Orfeo, and got an honours mark. I was so glad to be finished!

At the end of the adjudications, the festival organiser approached me, to invite me to sing three songs in the end of festival Star Performer’s Concert tomorrow! There are six performers, chosen from across the musical entries, only two of whom are solo singers. So it’s just me and one other woman singing solo pieces. OMG!!

I’m honoured and frankly amazed. There were so many good voices there, I was stunned to be asked to sing tomorrow. I’m excited and a bit nervous. Especially since the other soloist is amazing, quite out of my league. Her singing was so beautiful, and her interpretation of the sad song she sang was so good, it made me cry. I’m not a big fan of opera but she was fabulous!

Finally, after years of lessons, I feel like a singer. It feels good. I’m going to rehearse with my teacher before the concert.

I looked around the room tonight and thought how ordinary all of us seem, on the outside. You could pass any of us on the street and not know that there are voices at varying stages of development, in there somewhere. I felt proud to be one of them.

My only regret is that A. and my mum and dad won’t be able to be there tomorrow. A. needs to be with the boys and mum and dad live too far away to come just for the afternoon. Oh well, my teacher will be there and that’ll be nice.

So, one more day of singing and then I can concentrate on the final assignments due for the reflexology course. I guess I’d better go to bed. 🙂



  1. congratulations – on the both the honours mark and the invitation to sing tomorrow! I would love to hear you sing!

    is this the first time you’ve sung in a competition like this?

    I’m excited for you and I wish you well and believe with all my heart that you’ll do fabulous!

  2. Thank you Good Fountain, your encouragement is much appreciated!
    It isn’t the first time I’ve sung in a competition but it’s the first time I’ve done so well and haven’t felt like a rabbit trapped in headlights… 🙂
    I’m off to get ready for the concert, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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