Posted by: learningwoman | March 7, 2008

Joan Baez and the Gavotte

So. It’s the middle of the night and S. has fallen asleep on the couch.

I want to write that I’ve been preparing for tomorrow’s performances but really what I’ve been doing is eating chilli and watching TV……. I had a rehearsal the other day and a lesson yesterday. I’ll practice in the morning and that’ll have to do.

I’m going to sing ‘Donna Donna’, the modern folk song made popular by Joan Baez (I listened to her sing it over and over when I was growing up) and ‘Gavotte’, a more classical piece. Then next week, it’ll be   ‘Che Faro’, (an aria from the opera ‘Orpheus and Euridice’ by Gluck) ‘Dream ‘o Day Jill’ (a bit of light opera) and ‘Fly Home’ (by Ivor Novello)

I allowed my singing teacher to persuade me this was a good idea, even though it comes at the same time as my reflexology course nears its end, because the woman who’s adjudicating at this  music festival is a Mezzo. She’s the first mezzo (deeper voice) to adjudicate since I started doing these (five years ago) and I’m interested in her opinion, since I’m also a mezzo.

Also, I met her nearly seven years ago, before I started having lessons and part of me just wants to show her what I’ve learned in that time.

My primary function at this time is ‘Mum’, which is just the way I want it to be, but one day, I’d like to give more time to singing.

In the meantime, it’s off to the festival I go 🙂 



  1. Very nice selection of songs. I grew up listening to Joan Baez, she was a favorite of my mom’s. As a kid, I hated her voice, just as I did Joni Mitchell’s. I am not sure what changed in me, but I hear them now and I am so in love with sound – they break me apart.

  2. My mum loved to listen to Joan Baez too. I didn’t hear Joni Mitchell ’til I was in my twenties but I was immediately smitten! 🙂
    Both of their voices were higher than mine though, so it wasn’t always comfortable to sing with them. I sing ‘Donna, Donna’ in a lower key.

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