Posted by: learningwoman | March 5, 2008

Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats

My husband is a Brian Setzer fan. No, scratch that. He is a Brian Setzer FAN!!!

The Stray Cats are giving their Farewell Tour this year, they’ll travel Europe and the UK and A. is determined to go to both the London date and the Amsterdam one too.

They do pre-sale tickets online but A. had to go to work this morning, so he charged me with the responsibility of buying them, with many reminders over the past week, the last one of which was a phone call this morning as I was about to take S. to school.

“Hi, you haven’t forgotten about the tickets have you?”

“What, since half an hour ago?”

“Well, it’s just that they go on sale at nine o’clock and they’ll be sold out in minutes.”

“The computer’s on and logged on to the site. As soon as I get home from school, I’ll buy the tickets, okay?”

“Alright. Let me know how you get on.”

Brian Setzer’s music makes him feel happy, bouncy, laughing.

I went with him to one of his concerts once and I see what he means. The atmosphere was fantastic. There were people dressed up in rockabilly gear everywhere, many in their forties and fifties but the age range was wide and varied.

One of the loveliest things about the event was the attitude of the fans.

At one point, I needed to use the bathroom. The hall was packed and the bathroom was way over on the other side. To get there I would have to weave my way through hundreds of very tightly squeezed together people. But a magical thing happened.

As I moved through, people smiled and moved out of my way, nudging their friends to do the same. I got there and back in record time.

Later, when I found I couldn’t see the stage, being shorter than the average Stray Cats concert-goer, the man in front of me noticed and offered me his place. He even asked the man in front of him to move over so I could see. And the man did! With a smile and a friendly gesture.

The music was great, the vibe in the room was positive and happy. It was a good night.

So I was happy to rush about trying to get S. to school early so I could perch here and buy the tickets as soon as they went on sale. Anything that makes A. feel so uplifted is a good thing in my book.

Z. and I jumped out of the car, ran into the house, I grabbed my credit card and pressed the button, waiting with baited breath for the page to load………….

The tickets go on sale next week……….. 🙂

Oh well, after this practice run, I’ll be sure to get them as soon as the pre-sale begins…….

Now Z. and I are off to a rehearsal with the festival accompanist. I haven’t practiced much at all these last couple of weeks and the first couple of performances are this weekend. I’m feeling a bit nervous but I’m sure by the time the day comes I will have got myself together a bit……….maybe……hmmm….. 🙂



  1. I haven’t been to a concert in years. One of the last ones I went to see was U2 back when they were touring to support Joshua Tree (this dates me and make me a sad sad person as it has been so long since I saw live music. 😉 )

    We had seats up in the auditorium, not on the floor, but when U2 hit the stage, everyone rushed forward and soon we were standing up against the baracade. My footing was wobbly and it wasn’t until after the concert I realized it was because were standing on mashed and crushed folding chairs.

    We crushed together so tightly, there was a cloud of mist above us and with all the humidty of the bodies crushed together – it felt like a light rain was falling.

    During their encore, I began to fall. I thought, for sure, I was a goner. Suddenly, I felt arms go around me and a loud voice called out, “She’s falling, move back, give her room, get off her!” and this total stranger pulled me up from underneath everyone.

    I lost my coat in the malay and I bent to get it and he grabbed me again and said very tenderly – “It’s okay, I’ve got you, your safe, just hold on to me”. I explained I wasn’t falling again, just getting my coat, and he helped me retrieve it.

    I never saw his face, never spoke to him – but I remember it because it was out of character of most of the people I had met at concerts before.

    This was a really long winded message – sorry about that! 😉

  2. That’s okay, it’s a lovely story. I like hearing about random acts of kindness 🙂

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