Posted by: learningwoman | March 3, 2008

My mother’s day

I was woken by Z’s insistent call; “I want my MUMMY!” I smiled but nudged A. to get up and turned over, snuggling further down into the duvet.

A few minutes later and the stairs creaked under the varying weights of my family.  I could hear whispering and shushing and some excited discussion and I knew they’d be wrapping and writing and collecting flowers from the garden to go with my breakfast. I remember it from every birthday, Mother’s day and Father’s day from my childhood and, as tradition demands, I stayed in bed, waiting.

Quite soon, S. appeared at my side and leaned over my face; “Mummy, Daddy says how do you like your strawberries cut?” in a stage whisper.

and then a little later; “Do you want us to cut the grapes in half?” Funny people. 🙂

More creaking, more whispering and then there they were, singing happy mother’s day as they trooped in with my breakfast and a pink and silver wrapped present. “With butterflies on it Mummy!”

Hugs, kisses, unwrapping. It was a book I’ve wanted, by Eunice Ingham ‘Stories The Feet Can Tell and Stories the Feet Have Told.’ Yay!!

They’d made me a fruit salad with strawberry yoghurt piled on the top and I had to laugh at the little cut strawberries next to the enormous great hunks of apple. It looked as though they’d hacked a big apple in half and placed it carefully into the yoghurt. 🙂

A. brought everyone’s breakfast up and we sat together on the bed, eating and talking.

And so began my lovely day. We went to the park, played hide and seek amongst the trees, walked, fed the ducks, saw herons nesting in branches overhanging the water, went into the playground and then ate lunch together in the sunshine.

Later, at home, there were ‘explosive experiments’ to be done, with oil, water, bicarb soda and food colouring. A. got really enthusiastic and made a water rocket and he and S. pored over it, working out ways to get it to go ever higher.

It was a good day.    


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