Posted by: learningwoman | February 25, 2008

Being friends with my body

I’ve been thinking a lot this last week about how I’ve treated myself since I had kids and how I want to treat my body long-term.

It isn’t just about weight loss, although that’s part of it. It’s about treating myself with as much respect and care as I accord others. It occurred to me the other day that if my body was a separate entity it would, until recently, have been a slave. I gave it little or no exercise, fed it on junk and very little sleep and then expected it to work for me until it dropped.

As well as of all of this, I criticised it unmercifully, taking note of the things I didn’t like and feeling fed up when I looked into a mirror.

Then I thought of the way, by contrast, I treat my children; feeding them healthful, nutritious foods, making sure there’s plenty of opportunity for exercise and fun and praising them at every turn. Such a huge discrepancy!

I’m nearing the end of my first month of losing weight and exercising now (Weigh-in tomorrow..)  and somewhere during this month, I seem to have reconnected with my body. I’ve learned to say ‘thank you’ to it for doing what I ask of it, for producing two beautiful, healthy children, for carrying me around for 38 years without complaint, for allowing me the opportunity to travel and walk and have fun.

I’m remembering to say ‘well done’ at the end of an exercise session, to say ‘I’m proud of you’ when I finish a healthy meal, when I lose more weight and just for being me, the way I am now. To look in the mirror and say to myself; ‘hello beautiful girl’ and smile at myself.

If that sounds ridiculous, that’s okay. I feel more balanced, more cherished and cared for now.

I’m being friends with my body.



  1. Thanks for that posting, it came up when I Googled 2friends with my body” after readin a book by Martha Beck.
    I’ve looked after my body all my life, good food, exercise etc but realised recently I too have seen it as a slave, something to be doninated and to have act according to my will.
    I’ve starting to treat my body differently, not so much in what I do although I listen to the physical cues, but more in the attitude I have.
    You have contributed to that journey so, ‘Thank you’

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