Posted by: learningwoman | February 24, 2008

Sunshine and balance

Whew! It’s a new day, the sun is shining, my boys are snuggly and delicious and A. is still sleeping. It’s amazing how a night’s sleep can put some perspective on life, and the sunshine is a definite bonus!

A. is going to take S. and Z. to watch their cousin play football later this morning. I was going to go to the gym again but it’s such a beautiful day, I think I might just get out my Mp3 player and go for a long walk instead.  

Of course, I could also visit a friend/get a haircut/go window shopping or even, go with them…

For the moment, I think a coffee on the deck, in the morning sunlight.

With my coat buttoned all the way up to the top, obviously. 🙂

This post originally followed a much longer, complaining one which I’ve since deleted….


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