Posted by: learningwoman | February 22, 2008

Visiting, playing and chilling

My friend Maria came over today with her two boys, one of whom is twelve hours older than S. We met in the hospital the day S. was born.

She’s Spanish, small, slender, voluble, kind and thoughtful and I enjoy her company. We don’t spend huge amounts of time together but when we do I’m reminded of why I like her. Because of school etc, our oldest boys haven’t seen each other for several years now (we usually see each other during the school day.) and we wondered how they’d get along.

The answer is; spectacularly! The visit was a resounding success, with much laughing, whispering, making of signs to post on the playhouse and picnicking on the deck. They were happy, and kind to the little ones, giving them small jobs to do, to contribute to the setting up of the ‘clubhouse’.

We had lunch together, talked ten to the dozen and promised to visit much more often. The kids demanded that promise and we were glad to agree. Altogether, it was a lovely day.

They’ve gone now and S. has already sent his new/old friend an email and is playing a solitary game of football while Z. sleeps. I’m in dire need of a cup of tea and a short lie-down on the couch.

As A. would say; ‘Halcyon days’.


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