Posted by: learningwoman | February 20, 2008

Help, the washing is taking over the house!

It’s only 9am and already we’ve been up for hours. It’s foggy outside, the kids are playing football in the loungeroom next to me, so that every now and then, a large, dense, spongeball hits my back, shoulder, head.

Weirdly, the TV seems to be essential to this game and any suggestion on my part that it be turned off is greeted with loud cries in the negative.  I’d send them outside were it not for the aforementioned fog and the fact that they’re both sporting impressively crunchy coughs.

In the meantime, the washing is trying to take over the house. No matter how many loads we put on, the pile never seems to get any smaller. In fact it increases, with the boys (and A.) adding their wet, muddy layers at an alarming rate, not to mention my own, more modest heap. Thank goodness we converted the garden room into a laundry or we’d be sleeping in great drifts of the stuff!

I’ve arranged to go out with a friend and her kids today. We optimistically talked about going to the woods, or the park. Basically somewhere the kids could run and run and wear themselves out, to prevent such stuff as the ‘football in the loungeroom’ scenario. Maybe the weather will improve and we’ll all trip merrily out the door and have a picnic or some such Disney-like thing..

In the meantime, I’m going to have the coffee that my lovely A. has just put down beside me and then go to the gym for an hour or so before he goes to work. I’m hoping the sun will be shining brightly by the time I come out…


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