Posted by: learningwoman | February 18, 2008

Checking in

It’s been almost a week since I wrote and weigh-in day is tomorrow. 🙂 Yes, I’m still sticking to the plan, eating huge amounts of delicious, healthy, filling foods and I’m pretty confident that the news will be good.

In other news this week;

We’ve booked the trip to Australia for our look around to see where we want to live, which is both exciting and a relief. Another thing that can be crossed off the list. Now we’re looking at accomodation and there are some beautiful places to stay, including some cabins by the sea, which we’ll definitely go to.

The kids are on holidays for the half-term, so there’s lots of activities going on here. Friends over to play, cinema trips, a day in London for A. and S. tomorrow, football games etc.. I might even try to get Z’s hair cut this week, even though the memory of the last time looms large in my memory and puts me off a bit…. I’ll have to do it sometime soon though, it’s beginning to flop into his eyes and obscure his vision!

I’ve done some reflexology treatments this week too and March is looking set to be one of my busiest months, with the music festival starting on the 8th. At least with all the exercise and fresh, healthy food, I’ve got the energy to cope with it.

Also, late at night, I’ve been trawling the Real Estate websites in Australia, looking at what sort of houses we’ll be able to afford. I’m much encouraged so far, although who knows what the property markets (here and there) will be like by the time we move?

Mum stayed with us for the weekend, which was lovely. Lots of talking late into the night and early in the morning. Lots of fun with the kids too.

Now I’m off to watch ‘Torchwood’ with my husband before he rushes off to bed in readiness for the big day in London with S. They’re going to the London Dungeon, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Museum of Modern Art (There’s a huge slide from the top floor to the bottom apparently) and the Suspension Bridge. Whew!

‘Night 🙂



  1. Congratulations on booking your trip!

    PS – I love Torchwood! I have heard it is a spin off from Dr. Who – but as I never really watched that series when I was growing up and haven’t started watching the new version – I wasn’t sure if that was correct.

  2. Hi Fallenangel! Yes, I love Torchwood too, although the second series doesn’t feel as exciting as the first, to me. I’m sure it’ll get better.

    It is a spin off of the new Doctor Who. Love that show too. Obviously a sci-fi junkie 🙂

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