Posted by: learningwoman | February 10, 2008

Walking in the Park

I feel fabulous! 🙂

This morning, because it’s Sunday and the sun was shining and it’s our family day, we went to explore a new park.

We stopped for brunch first, which was delicious and then found our way to the park. It was absolutely beautiful. Wild and interesting, with rough paths leading through woods to open spaces and then back into the cool shade of the trees. The kids ran on ahead, discovering logs stacked for Stag Beatles, mud puddles, a paddock with a beautiful horse who ate our apple.

We got lost, mistakenly pushing the buggy through a boggy, muddy trail, which turned out be a bridle path. Lucky there weren’t any horses coming at the time!

A’s knee was painful, so we turned for the carpark… and got lost again! We went more slowly, through avenues of  trees with birds everywhere, singing their hearts out and sunshine dappling our heads. There are worse places to be lost with the people you love.

We made it back to our car and drove home, just in time for A. and S. to watch the football. Ahhh. 

Walking, since I started back at the gym, is easy and more fluid than before. My legs feel strong and capable. I smiled while I was walking, acknowledging to myself how much better I feel since I started to eat more healthily and get more exercise.

I always feel like this in the first weeks of exercise and health. The trick will be to move through that stage and onto the next. I’m feeling pretty confident though…. 🙂


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