Posted by: learningwoman | February 5, 2008

Weigh-in, Week 1

Z. and I went to my Slimming World class this morning and, after eating an enormous amount of food this week, I’ve lost four and a half pounds! Woohoooo!

It’s a good system, with plenty of filling, healthy foods to choose from. (and then eat! 🙂 )

I feel really positive about getting to my goal of a three stone loss by the first of August.

As well as going to Slimming World and the gym, I’m doing some visualising too. I’ve been listening to Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’ CD, almost every night. It’s a self-hypnosis program that encourages you to imagine what you’ll look, feel and be like when you’re the weight you want to be. His voice is soothing and comforting too, a real stress relief in the evenings.

I’ve bought some magazines with pictures of women whose bodies are the way I imagine mine might look when I’m slender and fit and I’m going to cut them out and paste them to a large sheet of cardboard, to put on the wall and look at whenever I walk past.

Also, every half stone (7 pounds) I lose, I’ll reward myself with something to help me feel even better. A haircut, eyebrow shape and a massage are some of the things on my incentive list so far.

It feels really good to be taking control of my weight again instead of just deciding it’s too hard or I’m too tired or too busy. I think this is the perfect time for me to head towards my ideal weight too. Z. is two and things feel less stressed here now.

Speaking of Z., I was so proud of him today! It’s an hour long class, with everyone having a moment to talk about how they’re feeling this week. It’s a long time for a little boy to stay quiet but he was fabulous.

We took a bag filled with a drink, banana, milk, toy cars, a small box of crayons and a pad of paper, some other small toys, a couple of books and a tangle of brightly-coloured pipe cleaners. He sat happily on the floor in front of me and played the entire time, which made things infinitely easier for me. I’m enjoying him so much, he’s good-natured, generous with his kisses and smiles and I feel a bit besotted. 🙂

So, this week has been a good weight-loss week. Watch this space, I’m feeling determined!



  1. Awesome, congratulations! I’ve lost about 40some pounds since last January… I’ve done it before, put on weight after having a baby (not with pregnancy, though, because that would make sense and we can’t have that) and then lost it a few years later. I just seem to need to reach a certain critical mass, as it were – a mental mass, not a physical one – and then I find the actual weight loss pretty straightforward.

    Continue on! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Kate, I’m feeling pretty good about it so far.

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