Posted by: learningwoman | February 1, 2008

Cold callers

I always knew there was a streak of wickedness in me. 🙂

I am amusing myself at the expense of a cold caller who is, even as I write, holding on at the other end of the phone, waiting for me to come back. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve walked away and the next time I pick it up, it will be to hang up.

Lest this sound unusually cruel for me, let me explain that I get many, many of these calls every day, even though our number is supposed to be private and that they call at the most inconvenient times. Just as Z. is getting to sleep, while I try to wrestle them into the bath, as I sit down to dinner.

I know they’re just trying to make a living but I object to being hassled in my own home and this solution was suggested to me in an email I received from a friend a few months ago. At least while he waits for me he isn’t bothering someone else.

The phone is beeping now, to tell me that the line is free.

I’m obviously tired. Four thirty is too early to get up…

Later… How mean this post is! My apologies all, I’m nicer usually, truly I am.



  1. Don’t apologize. You are not being rude to them directly, you are just walking away. Far nicer than screaming at them and hanging up.

    My dad used to get of cold calls at his business and he would entertain himself by screaming into the phone – “What? I can’t hear you! What did you say? Hold on! I am going to get the other phone so I can hear you! Hello?!?! Are you there? I can’t here you!” This would go on until either my dad got bored or they hung up.

    That’s funny! 🙂 (LW)

  2. have you registered your number on the tps?

    we used to get an unholy amount of calls, but after registering on the tps, we now just tell the one or two that we get a month that we’re on the tps and they don’t call back.

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