Posted by: learningwoman | January 31, 2008


The photo at the top of my blog is of me riding away from the camera, there are no other photos, of me or my family, I have a pseudonymn and the others are called by their first initial.

Anyone would think I don’t want you to know anything about me! 🙂

Actually, (and I know you didn’t ask ) I used to have a blog on, under my own name and using the names of my family and friends. I wrote it for a few months but realised that as the time went on, I grew more and more self-conscious and careful about what I wrote.

So this blog was born. Somewhere I can write anything, at any time. Secrets, hopes, dreams, sadnesses, thoughts, anger. I can feel free to express myself without having to check what I’m saying, too much.

It’s like going to a quiet, private room. I am comforted and nourished by the experience.

Forgive the secrecy. I’m not hiding from you, just creating a small, sacred space for myself.


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