Posted by: learningwoman | January 14, 2008

The Lurgy…..

I’ve been sick this week. After escaping the last round of illness in the house, where everyone but me was ill and requiring intensive nursing, I quietly went down with tonsilitis/flu. Yuck! What a messy, gross, painful, sleepless, exhausting combination. Thankfully, relatively short though.

And thank goodness my brother is still here because, although A. is wonderful, he couldn’t afford to take more time off work, straight after Christmas and there’s no way I could’ve coped with feeding, bathing and playing with the kids while I was feeling so awful.

So, L. (the older of my two little brothers) picked up the slack at home and Grandad came to the rescue with the school runs. Thanks Grandad 🙂

A couple of times in the last few days, I have felt overwhelmed by the ongoingness of the pain and it occurred to me that while I was finding it difficult to handle it, L, who has Crohn’s disease and attendant arthritis, (from the age of twenty or so.) has been dealing with pain of one kind or another for years now, largely without complaint.

He was very kind to me, he wasn’t overly solicitous but he did cook all the food, entertain the kids and do any favour I asked of him. All without telling me to get over it, which surely he must have been tempted to do?

Because I did complain. I moaned. (Long drawn out moans, preferably while someone else isn’t trying to watch TV, really DO help…) When it all felt too much and I hadn’t slept for the third night in a row and I hadn’t been able to eat but was still taking analgesics which were starting to feel as though they were burning through my stomach lining, I cried hopelessly.

And I wondered how many times in the last ten or fifteen years, L. has cried into the dark of his room in a share house, silently, so his housemates won’t hear him as he struggles with his own, seemingly endless pain and discomfort? Maybe none, but I wondered.

This morning, it had all pretty much disappeared in that way that antibiotics manage and once again, I felt able to play with my babies, make breakfast etc. Yay!

And thank goodness! Because when A. and L. came down later, after sleeping in, they were coughing and sneezing and clutching their throats……….looks like it’s going to be a busy few days……..the little boys seem fine……

Oh, and Grandad just rang, he’s sick too.



  1. As someone who has an auto immune disease and deals with chronic pain, I can say from my perspective, pain is a relative thing.

    What I tolerated without complaint before I got sick and what I can now are vastly different, and I agree, long drawn out moans are great!

    Not knowing you, but knowing how I would feel if someone wrote what you did – I think it would be great if let your brother know you did wonder what it was like for him.

  2. Ugh, ugh and more ugh! I have a cousin with Crohn’s, and at 35 elected to have a colostomy instead of dealing with the pain she’d lived with for years.

    Your pain was real, too. And I think pain always helps us realize how good we have it when we’re not in pain.

    I’m so glad you’re better. Speedy recoveries for everyone!

  3. Thank you for sharing that, Fallenangel. I did talk with him about it. It was a good conversation. 🙂

    And thanks for your well-wishes, BTW. We seem to be okay now…..

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