Posted by: learningwoman | January 9, 2008

So very relaxed…..

We’re back from Amsterdam and it was great!

I would happily have stayed longer, wandering around that magical city, but for my two babes, safely at home with A. In fact, it was just long enough for me to feel just like me again (crossing roads with only my own safety to think about, no cooking, leaving the room as soon as I was dressed and without having to get someone else dressed etc..), and by the end of the four days I missed them.

When we came through the gate, I could see, out of the corner of my eye, a smallish shape, running at me and, when I turned, there was S, grinning, throwing himself up into my arms. Z. followed, toddling along on little sturdy legs, to wrap his arms around my knees.

Was there ever a lovelier welcome?

Z. held my hand all the way home and S. told me, in detail, all that had happened while I’d been away.

Now, a couple of days later, I feel relaxed and ready to start the new year. I probably should realign my sleeping times though. I’ve been staying up ’til 1 or 2am and then getting up with Z. at 7am. Not a good look really…..


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