Posted by: learningwoman | December 29, 2007

And now it’s over…..

Christmas was lovely. We went to my parents house, ate turkey, opened presents, laughed, hugged, talked and tried to stop the kids from kicking a football into my mother’s crockery. Then to A’s sister’s, where we ate more turkey, talked, laughed, played games, tried to stop Z. from throwing chocolates around the room. (He’s in the throwing stage…)

Then home, to put together all the gifts that needed construction. The pram was more complicated than I had thought it would be and no sooner was it done and Z. pushing it happily around the room, Dora in pride of place, than A’s Dad asked him why he had a girl’s toy! Arrgghh again! Of course I couldn’t help myself, I had to remonstrate with him and asked him if it was only women who pushed prams. Since the answer, when he was actively fathering, was ‘yes’, he couldn’t understand what the fuss was about and I finally let it go. But I had to go and make a cup of tea in the other room.

S. loves the Nintendo Grandad gave him, much to Grandad’s triumphant delight and has been playing it non-stop, or at least as much as I’ll let him. Grandad keeps asking him how much he likes it and grinning at me. He seems to have forgotten our earlier contretemps regarding same. Oh well, I’ve been using it too, since A. gave me a ‘Brain Training Game’.

A’s Dad is a good and kind man and he loves us hugely. Sometimes I have to remind myself…

As I predicted, the children were nearly crushed beneath the enormous pile of presents they received but they had a great time. Although, Z. became overwhelmed after a little while and disappeared behind the couch, where we found him hiding with a bar of chocolate…..

A. has taken some time off, so we’ve been to the park to feed the ducks, the museum, watched movies, played games. It’s been fun.

Now my thoughts are turning to the next thing. That is, the trip to Amsterdam with my brother next week. Yay!!

We’ve booked the hotel we stayed in last year and we’ve planned trips to art galleries, museums, canal boat rides, fabulous restaurants and walks through the amazing city. I love Amsterdam in the winter. I’m glad it’s so close and relatively cheap to get to.

A. gave me some lovely shirts and jumpers for Christmas, all two sizes to small! I’m flattered really..

Okay, that’s it. I’m up to date and now I can just write musings. 🙂

Oh, and my Mum gave me a beautiful vintage sewing machine in perfect working order, identical to hers! She wrote me a card to go with it and it made me cry, it was so lovely. She’s going to teach me to sew. The last time she tried, I was fourteen and totally unreceptive to the idea. This time, I’m really looking forward to it.



  1. I loved Amsterdam. We only did day-trips there, and stayed down in Zeeland where my husband’s grandmother lived, but still, a lovely and vibrant town, kids or no kids.

    Travel safely!

  2. I love it too. It has such a feeling of undemanding acceptance and bubbling excitement.
    I realised too, this time, that it’s full of buildings that look just like castles! How fabulous! 🙂

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