Posted by: learningwoman | December 8, 2007

My First Meme too…..

Thanks BeThisWay (See Blogroll, I haven’t got the hang of linking yet, sorry), for tagging me with my first meme 🙂

So, five classes I’d like to take to improve my life, plus one class I’d like to take with BeThisWay. Hmmm.

1) How to Remain Calm When Your Children Are Climbing The Walls And Shouting At The Tops Of Their Lungs Because It’s Raining Outside And We’ve Already Painted, Played Games Etc… 101

2) How to Organise Your Life Without Ever Really Having To Think About It 101

3) How To Lose Weight Just By Clicking Your Fingers And Having A Nice Cup Of Tea 101

4) The Art Of Teleportation (To use whenever I feel like visiting my friends and family in Australia) 101

5) How To Be Successful At Absolutely Everything I Set My Mind To 101

As to the class I’d like to do with BTW, I think it’d be sewing. I’d love to know how to make clothes, sheets, curtains, quilts etc… and I think it’d be fun to learn with her.




  1. Very nice classes@! I’d take any of them with you!

  2. Very nice classes. I’m particularly interested in #2 and #3. I’d like to read the Cliff’s Notes version.

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