Posted by: learningwoman | December 6, 2007

Things I love about my husband

I know this post will make some people want to reach for the nearest receptacle and be sick, but it’s my blog and I want to write this in it 🙂

  •  He always does a little more than he needs to.
  • He tells me I’m beautiful, even when I feel at my least attractive.
  • He colludes with the boys to surprise me with flowers.
  • He’s always ready to learn something new
  • He gives great hugs
  • He makes great coffee
  • He often puts S’s uniform out on the radiator the night before, so it’ll be warm for him in the morning
  • He laughs easily
  • He tells awful jokes
  • He smells good
  • His eyes crinkle when he smiles
  • He listens to me (not all the time of course, he isn’t superhuman! 🙂 )
  • He’s much taller than me and broadshouldered
  • He spends hours playing with the boys on the weekend
  • He’ll join in a pillow fight at the drop of a hat
  • If he’s angry and then realises he’s wrong, he says so
  • He loves to travel and have adventures (me too)
  • He makes me feel safe and cared for, even though I looked after myself perfectly well for years
  • He does silly voices
  • He plays sport and he’s serious about it
  • He calls me his princess and taught the boys to do it too (not something I would have thought I’d like but it’s pretty charming)
  • He tells the boys that they’re so lucky to have me for a mother
  • He takes Z. over to his Dad’s house to visit (his mum died three years ago) twice a week, without fail, while I’m in class
  • He’s very sexy
  • He has a fantastic accent
  • He’s always ready with a new idea
  • He’s strong and capable but gentle and lovely too
  • He’s kind and well motivated
  • He’s encouraging about whatever I do
  • He’s funny
  • He has good friends
  • He helps around the house

There’s more but I think that’s enough for now.

He isn’t perfect, he has faults just like everyone else and I know what they are, I’ve lived with him for more than eleven years, but he’s pretty great and I thought I’d write it down.



  1. Assuming he’s not ghost writing your blog, I’d say you’re a very lucky woman.

    Every woman’s man should be her hero, and vice versa. Otherwise why bother?

  2. 🙂 No, I’m responsible for every post.

    I agree with you….yet again 🙂

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