Posted by: learningwoman | November 30, 2007

I am not having fun.

Last night, S, after appearing to be well for most of the afternoon, suddenly slumped in the bath and started to complain of stomach ache, ear ache and headache.

I got him out of the bath and held him while he cried. I rocked him, while trying to reach for the Calpol and watch Z, who was still splashing happily in the water.

His temperature was high. He was writhing. I suddenly felt angry at the young doctor who told us we had to ‘ride it out’, and that she didn’t like to prescribe antibiotics. I’m not a neurotic mother. At the first sign of illness, I don’t rush, arms flailing, to the nearest GP.

I wait, making sure there are no rashes that won’t disappear under a glass, watching for light sensitivity, stiff neck, excessive vomiting etc….

I dose them with Calpol, keep them warm, give them fluids and then, if they aren’t better after a day or two, or if I feel uneasy, I take them to the surgery.

So I feel frankly pissed off and patronised to be told that we should just wait and ‘ride it out’, while my boy cries and writhes, wet, on the floor in the night.

I gave him the Calpol and rang my Dad, who is a GP, for advice.

S, in the meantime, was quiet now and lying on the bed, reading a SpongeBob Magazine, while Z, dressed now in his PJ’s, fell asleep in his cot.

Dad ran through some questions, a checklist of things to look for and we decided that seeing S’s GP first thing this morning would be fine, now that S. seemed comfortable again.

S. went to sleep, woke up this morning, jumped out of bed and announced that he was fine and he’d like to go to school today please!

What to do? In front of me stood a seven year old boy, bursting with health and wanting to rejoin the land of activity. Who was I to stand in the way? But the memory of last night lurked sinisterly in my mind. It’s been five days now, since this illness started.

A. leaped out of bed, got them both dressed, I made breakfast, they kissed us and roared off to school. Fifteen minutes later, they were back. It was own clothes day today and he’d baulked at the gate, not wanting to be the only one in uniform………. A’s furious, S. is mutinous, I’m tired and completely over all of it.

Oh well, at least I can take him to the doctor this morning after all. The weekend’s coming and I’d rather he was checked out.

As I wrote that, they tore upstairs, got changed and swept out the door, pausing only to plant kisses on us as they went.

I’ll cancel the doctor’s appointment then shall I?


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