Posted by: learningwoman | November 30, 2007

Comfort food

In the interest of preserving my tenuous hold on sanity this morning, I stopped at the bakery on the way home from playgroup and bought us lunch, rather than coming home and making it, which would have involved me actually having to concentrate on something for longer than two or three seconds.

For Z, I got a wholegrain chicken sandwich and a fresh juice (Nice healthy food, conscience appeased. ) but for myself, I ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwich on white bread. Comfort food, thy name is toasted sandwich!

It may not sound much, but at our bakery they do the BEST toasted ham and cheese sandwiches ever. Thick white bread, browned and crispy on the outside, with really GOOD ham, thickly sliced and the cheese, …..oh the cheese!

It oozes out of the hole made by the first bite, in a thick tide of yellow gloriousness. Just the right salty to sharp ratio. Fantastic.

It didn’t stop there though. It never does once I enter the bakery door. Oh no! I had to buy the two small egg custard tarts in the window as well. I haven’t eaten them yet but I can tell they’re going to be marvellous………. 



  1. I understand those days where the hold on sanity is thin thin thin. I’m having one myself. Photographer comes in a little over an hour to photograph a baby who has not napped yet! Please, have a custard for me.

  2. consider it done 🙂 And good luck with the photographer!

  3. Thanks for your visit and comment… I have to agree, it was quite the response to a blog post. ‘Tis the season, I suppose.

    In more relevant news, I have severe bakery envy. We’ve lived the past 6 years in rural New Hampshire, two consecutive towns whose nearest version to a bakery is the section in the large glaring grocery stores. Someday, someday, we’ll move again, and a decent bakery and whole-foods shop will be high on my list of accessible necessities.

  4. YUM!!! It’s 2am here, I can’t sleep, and now you have me craving a ham & cheese!

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