Posted by: learningwoman | November 29, 2007

Don’t have an Open House Morning when one of the kids is sick!!

Three weeks ago, I thought it’d be a good idea to invite many random people to my house for a ‘mini Christmas Market’.

I began selling beautiful, multicultural, diverse, creative books recently and I figured that if I invited my friends who sell various other products to come and set up stalls here, then I wouldn’t be under any real pressure to ‘sell’, if you see what I mean?

With a vision of music, warmth, coffee, mince pies, decorations and people milling about, I began to invite people.

I invited people from S’s school, I invited people from both of our playgroups, I invited people from my reflexology class.

Not only that but my friends invited people too…….

It seemed like a good idea at the time…..

Between then and now, both of my kids have been sick, like a tag team, one after the other and then back again.

I haven’t been to school or to the playgroups and I didn’t know how many were coming.

Last night, when S. was still pale and with a high temperature, it occurred to me that I couldn’t cancel! I didn’t know exactly who’d been invited or how to contact them!

Needless to say, with both of them at home, the house looked as though a large explosion had violently flung everything up in the air and then dumped it on the floor, the chairs, the counters. Oh……my…..god!

I got the kids into bed and frantically started the mammoth task of tidying and cleaning.

It was still going when A. got home from work at midnight and I could be heard muttering to myself as I piled the last of the lego into its box; “Right, and now I just have to clean the stove….”

This morning there was a similar lunacy in the air as I sent A. off to buy the coffee. (forgotten in the general rush)

Of course, by the time everyone got here, I was calm, the house was beautiful and A. had taken Z. off to Grandad’s for the morning. Whew!

It was a lovely, fun morning, with lots of smiles and eating (Z’s birthday cake got finished too, yay!) and I sold £150.00 worth of books as well. Not bad.

I’m glad to say that S. was very much better after taking Calpol but I had to ask him to stay upstairs so he didn’t pass on his lurgy to the little children accompanying their mums.

I gave him magazines, books and his GameBoy to play with but of course, he got bored quickly and kept yelling down the stairs;

“Mummy! Can I come down now? I’m DYING up here!”

No drama there then……. 🙂


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