Posted by: learningwoman | November 27, 2007

My baby turned two today! Woooo!

He knew it too. 🙂

He came to the door of our room at 6:50am and we saw him and all started to sing ‘happy birthday’ softly as he walked in. (S. had come into our bed sometime in the night. He’s sick and feels miserable.)

Z’s little face lit up and he said; “My party today?”

He’s been convinced, since his brother’s birthday party a month ago, that he was going to have one soon too. We hadn’t planned for one, thinking that he wouldn’t know the difference and we’d just have presents and a birthday cake but, prompted by S. and A, he’s set on having one.

So, this morning I have made a gorgeous, rich chocolate cake, covered with icing and coloured sprinkles while A. has taken him out to an Adventure climbing type place. You know, ball pits, climbing frames, trampolines, dodgem cars etc…

After his afternoon nap, he’ll come down to find a table set with a Roary the Racing Car table cloth, the cake and candles, sausage rolls, sweeties, cocktail sausages, ham sandwiches, grapes and other assorted goodies.

 His cousins will be here and we’ll all sing ‘happy birthday’ to him and eat together. Yay!

This morning was funny. We came down to the loungeroom, where the night before, A. and I had set up presents from us, his Grandad, Grandmummy and his aunts.

Z. looked at the presents, smiled and then proceeded to take more than two hours to open them!

Kind of nice really. Each gift got his full attention for ages, while he worked out what to do with it, earnestly pushing buttons, pulling cords, turning pages.

In the meantime, S. sat, valiantly trying to be enthusiastic about Z’s birthday but feeling hot and yucky. There should be some sort of rule that he can’t get sick twice in two weeks. Poor little bloke.

So now we enter the third year of Z’s life. May it be as full of joy as the last two!



  1. Happy birthday to your little one! My baby turns one in two days. I know the bittersweet feelings.

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