Posted by: learningwoman | November 24, 2007

The talking family…

My family talks incessantly!

This is the conclusion I have come to at the end of today. My children, taking their cue from the adults around them, talk often and with great enthusiasm. I love to hear what they’re saying but there is so much overlap that much gets lost in the hearing.

For instance; Z. might start out talking about the walk we went on in the woods this morning; “Walk…in woods…Big trees! Saw a house and….leaves.” I’ll be listening to him and smiling when S. leaps in “I saw the path in the woods last week with Daddy! There was an old motorbike under some leaves! It was rusty!”. At the same time, A. will be calling from the next room; “Have you got S’s football kit ready, we have to go in about twenty minutes.”

So that it sounds something like this;

“Walk …in woods…I saw the path in the woods last…C.! Where’s the football kit? We have to go It was rusty!”

I know this happens in most houses but sometimes I wonder if it’s possible that it happens at such volume and with such frequency?

I read this back and realised that it sounds as though I’m just sitting there, absorbing everyone’s chatter but of course, I’m in there with the best of them, calling, observing, asking questions, answering queries and occasionally lecturing or shouting.

Poor babies, what chance do they have? πŸ™‚



  1. I am so glad that I am not alone! Sometimes I just need silence around me.

  2. Reading your entry reminded me of my sisters and Mom . . . When we got together, the four of us could skilfully carry on no less than five simultaneous conversations LOL. Newcomers to the family would just stare and ask: how can you do that? It’s clearly a gift. You should enjoy your loquacious communicators and be confident that you and yours are part of that select few who can understand it all, respond to the correct party and not miss a breath.

    At some point, however, even we welcome silence, and we all appreciate its restorative value πŸ™‚ . . . until the next family dinner.

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